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One of the most wildly celebrated and beloved holidays in the United States is Halloween. Who doesn't love getting to dress up in ridiculous costumes, eating delicious candy, decorating pumpkins and going to costume parties.

Gabrielle Flank

childhood cancer survivor, entrepreneur, public speaker, athlete, student, and philanthropist.

"People think it's a rite of passage that all kids are going to drink and experiment. That may be so, but the risk isn't taken out of it," said Denise Qualey, the Managing Director of Crisis and Clinical Services at Kids in Crisis.

Katherine Du

Greenwich Academy junior, editor-in-chief of The Stardust Gazette, reporter at Greenwich Free Press, aspiring actor & wordsmith

This film is based on the true story of high-wire artist Philippe Petit who recruits a team of people to help him realize his dream: to walk the immense void between the World Trade Center towers.

So what is this "Model United Nations"? Model U.N., or MUN, is essentially a simulation of the many unilateral bodies of the United Nations in which high school or college students represent a nation and advocate for their views on a particular issue.

There are more parallels between the historic Arab Spring and the current sociopolitical state of Sub-Saharan Africa than an apparent shared affinity for arson.


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